How to lose 7 kg a week-an effective method at home

Girl who lost weight in a week

Everyone who is overweight knows that losing these extra pounds is difficult. An exhausted diet is stressful for the body, and weight loss drugs usually bring many negative effects. But if you need to lose weight quickly, how can you lose 7 kg a week at home? The 7-day special diet plus exercise and a healthy lifestyle will help you achieve the desired results.


Doctors firmly prohibit rapid weight loss, believing that it will cause stress and other unpleasant consequences for the body. However, if you follow the expert’s advice exactly, you can avoid such problems. If you follow the correct eating habits and exercise to lose weight, then weight loss in a week is likely.

Before you start to lose 7 kilograms in just one week, you need to be prepared for the upcoming changes. Since the nutrients in the diet are significantly reduced, you must make up for their deficiency in the body. In this regard, it is necessary to take the vitamins in tablets during the diet.

As for physical activity, they must also be physically prepared. It is important to warm up before doing a series of exercises.

This method of weight loss is not recommended in the following situations:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Liver disease, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes;
  • When taking medications
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Effective weight loss diet

There are many diets today. Thanks to these diets, it is possible to lose excess weight. It is forbidden to drop extra pounds in a short time and maintain it for a long time. Otherwise, it may lead to unpleasant consequences.

Kefir diet

Kefir diet for a week

To lose 7 kg of weight per week, you can use the Kefir diet. In addition to kefir, it also includes other foods, but this is the basis.

Usually, the menu for a week is as follows.

1 day.Low-fat kefir (0. 5 liters), boiled potatoes, no oil, spices and salt (6 slices).

Day 2.Low-fat kefir (0. 5 liters), low-fat cheese (1. 5 kg).

Day 3.Low-fat kefir (0. 5 liters) and unsweetened fruit.

Day 4.Boiled chicken fillet (400 grams), low-fat kefir (0. 5 liters).

Day 5.Low-fat kefir (0. 5 l), buckwheat in oil-free water (200 g).

Day 6 (uninstall).Drink any amount of water.

7 days.I like 5 days and 3 days.

It is important to adhere to the principle of crushing food. You need to consume small amounts often. Contrary to all dietary rules, you can even eat after 18. 00. The most important thing is that no less than 4 hours have passed from dinner to bed. After meeting these conditions, the kefir diet can help you lose weight within a week, up to 7 kg.

Attention! It is recommended to drink a glass of water before each meal. You can also use sugar-free herbal tea instead.

Chocolate single diet

Chocolate simple sugar diet

At first glance, this weight loss diet seems a bit strange, because everyone knows that chocolate and other confectionery products will increase weight. However, if you strictly follow all the rules, it is effective and helps to reduce 7 kg per week.

Attention! Only those who are not prone to allergic reactions can use the chocolate diet. In addition, you need to understand that the product can cause heartburn, increase acidity and worsen gastritis and other gastrointestinal problems.

Only when the total calorie content of the food eaten every day does not exceed 600 kcal, it is possible to lose weight by losing 7 kg of chocolate every week.

The daily menu for such weight loss should include 30-80 grams of dark chocolate. Dairy products are not suitable. You can add brewed black coffee to your diet, but you can drink it only 2 hours after eating. In extreme cases, when coffee causes severe heartburn, skim milk or cream can be used.

This diet is especially suitable for those who love sweets and chocolate. By eating their favorite foods, they will be able to lose weight, losing 7 kilograms a week at home.

One week slimming porridge

Daily diet in porridge

This weight loss diet is not only effective, but also beneficial. Porridge can help you lose 7 kilograms of body weight every week, increase physical strength, and fill your body with nutrients. But there is an important rule in the diet: it should be cooked in water without salt, oil, sugar and other products. Many grains do not even need to be boiled; you just need to pour boiling water on them and cover them overnight. The porridge is ready in the morning.

In addition to the above, there are no special requirements for weight loss in porridge. Since there are no other ingredients in the diet, you can eat almost any amount of grains. The fact is that dishes that are salted in water are difficult to eat in large quantities. The best option is when the daily diet includes 5 or 6 small portions.

Thanks to the cereal diet, you can lose 7 kilograms of weight per week. Vitamins can be included in the menu. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water.

How to lose 7 kg a week without dieting?

You can lose 7 kg a week without going on a diet. There are other ways to lose weight. For example, use a special belt to reduce weight. There are several types:

Sauna slimming belt
  • Vibration Massage-Such a massager can not only lose 7 kg of weight per week, but also reduce muscle fatigue, stimulate the metabolic process, and remove lactic acid (to lose weight, Put it under your clothes and wear it all day).
  • Muscle Stimulator-Electrical impulses act on the nerve endings. As a result, the muscles begin to contract and the fat deposits are broken down.
  • Belt with sauna effect-Due to the use of special materials, when the belt is worn on the body, it will produce a greenhouse effect, which can reduce weight.

Attention! Wearing a sauna effect belt before exercise can help you lose weight faster.

In addition, there are other weight loss aids. For example, special chewing gum, tablets, tea. They help to lose weight and can lose up to 7 kilograms per week. Green tea and wolfberry extracts have proven to be very effective. However, these weight loss products are usually doubtful. In addition, there are many fakes, so it is difficult to accurately choose the really useful things.

Weight loss exercises

Weight loss exercise can be used as the main method, or it can be used in conjunction with diet, which will bring more obvious results and make you lose 7 kg a week.

Planks are an effective way to lose weight

Here are some weight loss exercises that can help you lose weight quickly:

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your chest. Sink into a squat. First move your weight slowly to the left, and then to the right foot. When performing this exercise, it is important to try to maintain balance and not fall.
  2. Make a plank. Alternately pull your knees under your stomach, as if you are running.
  3. Jump to a box or other object. Then get out of the car slowly, and then repeat the exercise again.
  4. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat with both hands on his chest.

Each exercise must be repeated several times.

Running or walking in the morning can help you lose weight. Climbing stairs and other physical exercises can effectively reduce weight.

Proper nutrition

Meet proper nutrition, can lose weight quickly

In order to lose weight quickly and further maintain weight, it is important to follow proper nutrition. You don’t have to give up all the foods you like, you just need to limit the amount you eat. It is recommended to exclude sweets, fried, smoked, and high-fat foods from the diet. It is recommended to boil or steam the food. Partial nutrition plays an important role in weight loss. You also need to maintain the water status in the body. A person needs to drink 1. 5 to 2 liters of water a day, which does not include tea, fruit juice, preserves and other liquids.

Important! Strictly fast, but you must eat often, but eat small amounts.

It is necessary to limit the intake of edible salt. If possible, edible salt should be completely eliminated from the diet. Similarly, remove spices and spices, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages from the menu. As for vegetables and fruits, there should be enough food in the diet. But you need to eat some sweet fruits and berries. Must include mushrooms and seafood in the diet.

It is not recommended to eat less than 4 hours before going to bed. Generally, the menu should be balanced and include all the nutrients the body needs.

Girl before and after weight loss

As you know, diet is stressful for the body, so it is not advisable to eat multiple times a month. After that, you need to gradually resume your daily diet.

Adhere to the right eating habits, you can easily lose weight and maintain it in the future.

To verify the effectiveness of the described method, you can view photos before and after weight loss.

If you have enough patience and perseverance, it is easy to lose weight at home. In order to improve results, you can use a variety of weight loss methods. For example, wear a seat belt in combination with diet and exercise. The most important thing is not to overdo it. Losing weight should not adversely affect your health.