The experience of using Bentolit

How to apply a drink Bentolit Julia from Kiev

Clay Bentolit

Hello! I share your opinion on the clay. It is a real food and clay, without impurities and harmful components. The volcanic clay Bentolit many advantages and, of course, is clay that is sold in the pharmacy and, consequently, the composition and the effect, and the price may differ greatly.

Hair is shiny, the skin a more youthful appearance, there was a feeling of lightness. The effect of clay evident at 100%. In the instructions in detail how to use a drink and when to drink and application. I highly recommend you try.

The experience of use of the beverage for weight loss with clay by Olga from Minsk

Hello to all. I want to talk about clay for weight loss Bentolit. For a long time tried clay, suitable for domestic consumption. Faced with the fact that so clay on sale. And in pharmacies and natural food shops sellers made the round eyes, presumably, does not exist in principle.

The result of weight loss from clay Bentolit

Clay for the reception inside - it is manna from heaven. Found on the official website. It is very clean, no smell of any third party (and' present in the pharmacy, clays). Really you can drink. For consumption I raise 2 teaspoons of clay in a glass of water, leave for 10 minutes, I make and drink.

Instant drink for weight loss with bentonite clay a little more conventional pharmacies clay, but it is worth it!

Separately, it is to underline the clay I drank because it was pulled (the ones salivating from the word of plaster, I understand). But I wanted to just clay and saw me with great pleasure. But, in general, has the property to cleanse the intestines and expel toxins.

Good use of it!