Reviews about Bentolit

  • Valérie
    With age has gained some extra pounds. Suffered with them for a long time. And then once - and only for the month lost! Thanks to those who invented Bentolit. The appetite is greatly reduced, went off the heaviness of the stomach. This is the first instrument that gave a real weight reduction of 13 kg! First of all, the weight went on very slowly, and then almost 1 kg per day.
  • Sylvie
    Honestly, he lost a loved one. And ' young and slender, and my whole life has been full. Easily lost with Bentolit more than 10 kg, and then enrolled in the gym. Bentolit— a great product. Still sometimes I drink, if I skip a workout or a lot of it in the holidays.
  • Monique
    A wonderful product. The clay I found on the internet. By the time I use the clay externally and internally and, finally, he found the clay is of the right quality. No smells, mould, lumps, etc. an Excellent absorbent"
  • Martine
    It's been a during - the month of saw clay Bentolit. Is passed to the allergy, past the headache in the morning, it was changed a little bit the skin. Easily rejected smoking (without boost). The clay is not worse than the tablets that we have burst handfuls, and this is all natural. Try, do not be afraid, all health!
  • Christine
    Dring Bentolit already for a long time with small breaks. Get stronger hair and nails, clean the skin, but the most important thing - they have passed all the pain in the joints of the knees. Cleans the intestines. Always a lot of strength and energy. So I am in FOR the clay in a unique way.
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